Mobile Catering for BBQ

Mobile Catering for BBQ

Organic Spit Roast Company – The Perfect BBQ on Wheels!

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As we look forward to warmer weather, plans for springtime and summer catering can become all the more adventurous. A BBQ is well received in any gathering in the longer summer days, and if you are the host why not take a break from the arduous work of getting the coals going and leave the hard works in the hands of Organic Spitroast Company’s mobile catering BBQ for an unforgettable experience.


We will be happy to serve up BBQ roasted, hog, lamb chicken and prime cuts of beef, all organically reared to be of the highest quality and full of flavour. Plus our experienced chefs will roast to perfection, carve and serve your hungry guests, all for a price that can be under£5 per person. Mobile catering rental means you can buy your meat from us and hire our equipment and chef to come to your location and put on an excellent spread. We serve salads, baps and condiments to and will clear if you require. Make your summer special with a booking today.


Organic Spit Roast Company – Mobile Catering for Parties in London.

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