Budgeting your Hertfordshire Wedding

Wedding Planning in Hertfordshire with Organic Spitroast Company

Budgeting your Hertfordshire Wedding with Organic Spitroast Company.


Money matters even encroach on the smallest of big days and to avoid encumbering your new family before you start your journey, couples should be sure to carefully steward resources for an affordable big day. With the average wedding costing well over ten thousand pounds is is understandably easy to run over budget. We humbly suggest when planning a Hertfordshire wedding, creativity and imagination can outstrip the pound in creating a wonderful and memorable day.
As wedding veterans and one of Hertfordshire leading wedding and event caterers here are some suggestions for trimming the fat from your wedding budget while keeping the flavour.
Look for an alternative choice: everyone likes to choose the market leaders when planning a Hertfordshire wedding, but not everyone can book out Luton Hoo especially at short notice, why not look for a another country property offering classic English architecture and grounds, great staff and a more affordable fee. Hitchin Priory comes to mind. Perhaps be different with a rustic barn done up with lights and personal touches.

Negotiation always goes a long way in getting the day you want. One of the best strategies for enjoying a Hertfordshire estate is to utilise the grounds only, with their approved or your own sourced marquee provider. Of course your catering can be handled by us meaning your guests will enjoy a gourmet supper of spitroasted organic meat with a variety of choice of accompaniments. Our Hog roast Hertfordshire can cost as little as 5 per head depending on guest numbers which outstrips many if not most in-house catering. Let us know your budget today and we will show you what we can do.


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