Indoor or Outdoor Wedding Catering

Wedding Planning in Hertfordshire with Organic Spitroast Company

Indoor or Outdoor Wedding Catering with Organic Spitroast Company.


In our last article we looked at why you should choose Hertfordshire, cream of the Home Counties as the location for your wedding. In summary Hertfordshire offers choice and variety and a lovely experience on a variety of budgets. If you are sold on the idea of a classy Hertfordshire wedding the next point must be location location location! We will simplify choosing your wedding venue by changing the question to Indoor or Outdoor. Hertfordshire does both the indoor and outdoor wedding well, practically in all seasons. We love that this county has so many interesting and unique venues which offer accommodations of varying scale for your wedding. Let’s look at indoor weddings. Hertfordshire benefits from a number of stunning hotels and residences which specialise in weddings. Depending on the size of your wedding party, any number of guests from tens to hundreds, suited and booted, can be comfortably seated and served in warmth, comfort and opulence. If you are looking for chic and contemporary venues, Hertfordshire has some market leaders like Sopwell House or Downs Country Estate with chic interiors and scale. If classic English elegance if your choice Luton Hoo is a greatly sought after wedding venue with magnificent scale set in 55acres of prime Hertfordshire gardens. For those seeking a classic Austenian event the compactness and beauty of Hertfordshire country estates make it the place to say I do to your Mr Darcy (think slim-line empire gown). If you want a rustic take on you wedding, Hertfordshire has all sorts of barns and farms offering beautiful settings for your wedding day. If like us you enjoy the great outdoors and want your photographs set against blue skies and rolling hills and lawns, why not grab a marquee and head to your ideal location. Most estates and hotels are set in acres of prime countryside allowing you to enjoy lovely weather and fresh air while you dine and dance. As Hertfordshire’s leading outdoor caterers we can be on hand to set up and serve, wherever and whenever you need us. We can cater canapes and gourmet spitroasts featuring our famed organic meats and a variety of fresh premium accompaniments. If you would like recommendations on a suitable wedding venue do not hesitate to contact our executive chef David Ho at Organic Spitroast Company today. We would be happy to help!

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