Organising your wedding transport

Wedding Planning in Hertfordshire with Organic Spitroast Company

Organising your wedding transport with Organic Spitroast Company.


Getting to and from a Hertfordhire wedding should never be a trek as a beauty of this county is its connectivity to London. Just about every town has a high speed rail connection and excellent roadways so guests need not get lost on the London orbital to get to your wedding or recption venue. Hertfordshire is quite rural for the Home Counties in places but with Sat Nav or a chartered MPV you can move about readily. One of the pleasant aspects of Hertfordshire Market Towns is that you always see a wedding party in lovely transport moving to their reception. A Horse and Carriage is always a showstopper and it is beautiful to see a blushing bride pass through the town like royalty. Luxury cars are also a popular choice. If you are looking for an outdoor caterer on wheels. Organic Spit Roast Company can cater a gourmet feast featuring our organically roasted meats wherever and whenever you would like all year round and as we are Hertfordshire based we won’t be delayed by leaves on the line.


Organic Spit Roast Company – helping you plan your wedding in Hertfordshire.

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