Planning your wedding guest list

Wedding Planning in Hertfordshire with Organic Spitroast Company

Planning your wedding guest list with Organic Spitroast Company.


Decisions decisions decisions! Creating your special day is not only about you and your intended intended but often about sharing your blessing with your relatives and friends. As you transition to married life, so many loved ones come to mind but budgets don’t often facilitate a wedding with everyone in the phonebook invited. Our humble advice is that husband and wife decide together on who they would most like to attend balanced against the type of wedding you would like to have. For example an intimate and understated nuptials may only accommodate near kinsfolk. Perhaps other relatives and friends can catch up with your big day through a wedding video or digital album. Sometimes one simply does not wish to offend and big banquet catering means everyone can come and enjoy. Our recommendation: grab a big barn of which Hertfordshire has many,  liberally and opulently decorate, and add the finest in spitroast catering from the Organic Spitroast Company with a whole. Hog serving 100 people comfortably you can go the whole hog!

Organic Spit Roast Company – helping you plan your wedding in Hertfordshire.

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