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Spit Roast and Hog Roast Berkhamsted HP4Need Catering for Spit Roast & Hog Roast in Berkhamsted HP4?

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Spit and Hog Roast Catering in Berkhamsted HP4 with Luxury Salads

Spit roast catering in Berkhamsted HP4 is an event in itself, giving you and your guests a unique opportunity to experience all the colour, aroma and most importantly flavour of your chosen meats.

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A spit roast grill is an excellent event catering choice for Berkhamsted HP4 and is cost effective. A spit roast pig cost per head in Berkhamsted HP4 is surprisingly competitive considering the quality and service you will receive. Depending on guest numbers a price per head of under 5 pounds may be achieved.

Our Berkhamsted HP4-based experienced team in on hand to prepare season and spit roast a pig, spit roast duck or spit roast chicken all using the finest quality organically reared meats. We can Spit Roast Lamb Berkhamsted HP4spit roast, grill or BBQ just about anything you require. Spit roast rotisserie is popular. We especially enjoy serving prime cuts of meat, roasted to perfection for smaller gatherings or supper clubs. A spit roast leg of pork or perhaps spit roast rib of beef or the delicate flavour of spit roasted quail.

For the more traditional pallete our spit roast hog is seasoned with an exciting selection of marinades and rubs. As hot as you can handle and all overseen by our executive chef, David Ho. Our spit roast pig is marinaded for many hours to seal in the spices for maximum flavour throughout your roast. Smaller cuts are available to enable you to experience our gourmet spitroasts on a smaller scale with spit roast leg of pork or spit roast shoulder of pork grilled to perfection and served with a delightful array of accompaniments. Spit roast gammon is also making a comeback for dinner parties and at home catering. David Ho our executive chef is ready and available to advise of the most appropriate spit roast joint selection for dinner party catering in Berkhamsted HP4. We are also able to source and supply organic grass-fed spit roast beef at special request.

Spit Roast Lamb in Berkhamsted HP4 – an organic taste of the pasture.

Spit roast whole lamb is a stunning centrepiece to any Berkhamsted HP4 event, servicing between 40 and seventy guests. We can spit roast a whole lamb marinated in our exquisite blend of herbs and spices rubbed into the flesh, all prepared to your exacting specifications by our executive chef David Ho. If you are planning a smaller gathering yet want the experience of spit roasted lamb, we are. Able to cater a delicious spit roast shoulder of lamb or spit roast leg of lamb to give you a suitably scaled, but flavourful spit roast lamb experience.

Organic Spitroast Co. is a hog roast company specialising in gourmet hog roast catering across Berkhamsted HP4 and the Home Counties. Under the creative direction of executive chef David Ho we have developed a nuanced hog roast menu, marrying the aromas and flavours of world cuisine with this traditional British fayre.
We aim to serve hog roast quantities that will provide a delicious well – balanced meal to each and every guest. Our hog roast hire prices for Berkhamsted HP4 are competitive and service outstanding with a professional team on hand to cater your event.

Hog Roast Weddings in Berkhamsted HP4 – for all the family!

Hog Roast Wedding in Berkhamsted HP4If you require hog roast for weddings in Berkhamsted HP4, we can advise you on how to plan your Berkhamsted HP4 hog roast wedding reception and are happy to work with your wedding or event planner or other caterers you have chosen to work with. You can start by browsing our hog roast menu for an array of hog roast wedding ideas.

Hog roast wedding catering in Berkhamsted HP4 can really complement the other themes. And elements of your special day, allowing your guests to enjoy a delicious meal and most importantly mix and mingle. For your guests the choice of food really adds a significant note of satisfaction and organic hog roast wedding food gives each and every guest their fill of gourmet cuisine prepared with care.

We serve our organic hog roast at wedding receptions across Berkhamsted HP4 and The Home Counties. Using our hog roast van we offer truly mobile service making the most of your venue whether you require indoor or outdoor catering. Hog roasts can be offered as a wedding breakfast also. Mobile units are a simple set up and service, which can be presented before guests under a dedicated tent or marquee – providing a temporary shelter and waterproof canopy for keeping your food from becoming water logged and guests from being windswept.

Average Hog Roast Cost in Berkhamsted HP4 – even with organic hogs, the price is still affordable

Hog roast for a wedding cost in Berkhamsted HP4 really is not prohibitive. A hog roast wedding buffet with our organically reared grass fed meat can be served for under 5 pounds per head depending on guest numbers.

Hog roast wedding prices from us include our premium quality organic Essex Saddlebacks marinated and roasted to perfection with a variety of accompaniments such as fresh chopped salads, artisinal bread grilled and roasted vegetables and fine sauces and condiments.

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