Spit Roast Chicken (Herts.)


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The Organic Spit Roast Company provides one of the best spit roast chicken buffets going.

We are experienced spit roast chicken caterers in Hertfordshire and provide a delicious selection of seasonings and marinades to add flavour to our already tender and delicious grain fed chickens. Chicken spit roast hire in Herts. enables you to enjoy the Organic Spit Roast Company’s gourmet cuisine at virtually any location, our spit roast chicken van is ready to go across The South East. We also offer spit roast chicken wedding catering in Herts.

With a possibility with a temporary shelter our spit roast chicken BBQ is available all year round. Whatever the season however, we cook all our meats on premium chicken spit roast equipment to ensure the ideal balance of smoky crispness and tender flesh.

Our delicious spit roast chicken menu is overseen by our executive chef David Ho, whose exacting blend of herbs and spices marinade all our meats which are then cooked to perfection from our spit roast chicken trailer.

We have been asked in the past “…is spit roast chicken fattening?” With fine seasoning and steady flame grilling on BBQ, the rotational cooking actually drains fat, but retains and caramelised the flavour you are looking for.

Our spit and roast chicken van is available for booking countywide and beyond.


Organic Spit Roast Company, Potter’s Bar EN6 1BJ