Spit Roast Lamb (Herts.)


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We are a leading hog + lamb spit roast co who are experienced in providing delicious lamb spit roast hire.

Our executive chef David Ho is a seasoned expert in how to spit roast a lamb. We have a unique blend of lamb spit roast seasoning to create a delicious and flavour filled meal cooked to perfection on our lamb spit roast equipment.

We are not just the whole hog and lamb spit roast company, we are able to joint any of your well-loved cuts of meat, in the style of your choice, for example, BBQ spit roast leg lamb or leg of lamb spit roast. So, if you prefer your lamb on the grill, book our spit roast lamb BBQ prepared and grilled by our expert chef.

Lamb spit roast hire is an excellent choice to experience our finest quality organically reared grass-fed meats cooked to perfection in our lamb spit roast machine.

Many ask “…how many people will a lamb spit roast feed?” Our organic lamb spitroast will feed 40 guests to contentment, but will cater up to 70 or much more depending on your catering requirements. Lamb spit roast cost is therefore a competitive choice for gourmet catering with a twist.

Organic Spit Roast Company are equipped to support your big day with our lamb spit roast wedding.

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